Melbze CNG


Since from the beginning of CNG (NGV or GNC) activities in private sector in Bangladesh in the year 2003, we have been working in this sector along with good reputation.

Melbze worked on different CNG Compressor and its spare parts from world renowned OEM manufactures and provide best services for the CNG Filing Station’s respective clients in Bangladesh.

Melbze worked on conversion kits & cylinders and others accessories of CNG Conversions.

Melbze has vast knowledge and experience in NGV sector in Bangladesh.

We have a scope to work from the top to bottom & direct field level of CNG (GNC) sectors such as CNG Compressors & Dispensers, CNG Kits & Cylinder, CNG Cascade storage & other equipments related to CNG & Petrol Pumps marketing & selling activities in the market. Also we have a very close relationship between the customers all over the country Bangladesh.

Also, we have a very good relationship with International manufacturers in NGV sectors all over the world.

At present in CNG (GNC) sector we represent Italian & Argentine OEM manufacturers as an Exclusive Distributor in Bangladesh territory. We also work with world-renowned spare parts suppliers for Air Screw & Air Compressors Company from India.

  • CNG Compressor & Spare Parts
  • CNG Dispenser & Spare Parts
  • CNG Conversion Kits and Accessories
  • LPG Conversion Kits and Filling Station Equipments
  • Diesel and Petrol/ Octane Dispenser Spare Parts
  • Air & Screw Compressor and Spare Parts